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Miniature Bigfoot - Pack of 2 or 10 - Tiny Figurine Sasquatch - Terrarium - House Plant - Mythical Creature - Legend Yeti - Diorama

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Due to the rising postage cost, I now sell these in packs of two vs individual Bigfoots. I These tiny Bogfoots are perfect to hide in your house plants, your kid's Frozen playset, or to use in a diorama. They measure just a little over 1" tall. See the reference photo on a US penny. The material is a flexible rubber. They will stand on their own on a flat surface. ***PLEASE NOTE*** - These ship without tracking. Due to the item's low cost and free shipping, they ship with a stamp. Please feel free to ask any questions, and if you purchase one, please share photos of how you use them! While I call them Bigfoots, Please note this can also be your Yeti with a little white paint. From Wikipedia - here are some other fun names for il Squatch: "Many regions have differentiating names for the creatures.[54] In Canada, the name Sasquatch is widely used although often interchangeably with the name Bigfoot.[55] The United States uses both of these names but also has numerous names and descriptions of the creatures depending on the region and area in which they are allegedly sighted.[56] These include the Skunk ape in Florida and other southern states,[57] Grassman in Ohio,[58] Fouke Monster in Arkansas,[59] Wood Booger in Virginia,[60] the Monster of Whitehall in Whitehall, New York,[61] Momo in Missouri,[62] Honey Island Swamp Monster in Louisiana,[63] Dewey Lake Monster in Michigan,[64] Mogollon Monster in Arizona,[65] and the Big Muddy Monster in southern Illinois.[66] The term Wood Ape is also used by some as a means to deviate from the perceived mythical connotation of the name "Bigfoot".[67] Other names include Bushman, Treeman, and Wildman.[68]"